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Ask Questions via CircleUp, Get a Consolidated Answer

ask questionsIt's a boring Friday at office and you're already planning how to spend the weekend with your colleagues and friends. You have to decide which movie to watch and which restaurant to dine at from a plethora of choices.

You are likely to send an email to the entire group, collect their responses and then make the decision based on what the majority has to say. That requires way too much effort.

Enter CircleUp - a free Q&A service that will solve this very problem. You send your questions over email or IM to a group, CircleUp will collect the various responses and display them in an single, well-organized result. No more copy and pasting of information from emails to Excel sheets.

You can attach images to your questions (like Google map directions to a restaurant). The responses to your question can be shared with the entire group, or you can just keep them private. People can respond without having the sign up for service.

CircleUp may be used as an RSPV service to effectively plan that dinner at your home. And since the emails or IM reach friends with your email address, they are more likely to treat that as personal mail and respond. | Demo Launch | ABC News