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AOL CDs, Windows Vista, QuickTime - Most Annoying Tech Products

PCWorld Annoying Software ListWhat software has bugged you the most ? Is the nagging "Restart Now, Restart Later" dialog from Automatic Windows Update or the Quick Time player that adds itself to the system tray without asking ?

PCWorld have released their list of most annoying tech products (read software) and there are some surprises. AOL CDs top the list followed by Windows Me [did anyone ever buy that version of Windows ?]

Other entries to the "hall of shame" include Real Player, MySpace, Norton software, Quicktime and Windows Vista (?). Here's the reason for including Windows Vista in the list:
And even if you have a new system with either the Premium or Ultimate version installed, Vista won't display its nifty 3D Aero interface if your PC lacks the graphics horsepower for it. No warning screens, no error messages, no explanations - Aero simply doesn't work. That's annoying.

Not sure if I would buy that argument but the folks at PCWorld have done a pretty good job at finding "features" that annoy most of us:

» Force us to reboot our systems any time we install or uninstall your product. [think Firefox extensions]

» Automatically install into the Windows system tray and launch at startup. [think Google Picasa Media Detector, QuickTime]

Most Annoying Tech Products | How to Annoy Users

The authors says that AOL has shipped over a billion "Free trial" CDs till date. What to do with your AOL Trial CDs ?