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Adobe Can Grab the iTunes Podcasting Pie from Apple

Valleywag says that Podcasting (read, podcast directories) battle is over and Apple has won the battle with iTunes software. Would you agree here ?

RSS inventor Dave thinks there's still lots of opportunity in Podcasting players while labeling Odeo and Podshow as "fakeouts." Podcasting father Adam Curry isn't impressed calling this an "apples to oranges comparison".

Adobe Media Player
True, Apple rules at the moment but chances are high that the market dominance enjoyed by Apple iTunes will be significantly reduced once Adobe Media Player hits the scene.

iTunes is a memory hog and the Apple Podcasting directory can only be accessed from the iTunes software. You cannot download podcasts from iTunes directory outside iTunes. Despite these limitations, iTunes is still the king because there aren't any real competitors.

Also, Adobe will offer content producers an opportunity to monetize podcasts with pre-roll ads and will also track and report viewer statistics (using cookies) back to the actual publisher.

That gives content creators all the more reasons to produce and promote podcasts in Adobe-ready format. After all, statistics play such a vital role in bringing quality advertisers.

Adobe may not be able to unseat the iTunes-iPod crowd who sync and listen to podcasts on the go or watch them on Apple TV but it may certainly become the podcatcher cum podcast player of choice for people who download and listen to podcasts on their desktop computers. And that is not a small number for sure.

The podcasting battle is far from over and the real excitement will unfold with the entry of Adobe in the podcasting business.

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