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The Wiz Kids of Silicon Valley Featured on BBC Technology

Kris Tate, Picture by Thomas HawkDarren Waters, technology editor for the BBC News website, was recently in Silicon Valley meeting the wonder boys of the Web 2.0 era. If you love the internet and social networking space, this is a series that you should not miss reading.

Some really interesting details about the founders or their Web 2.0 projects:

Zoomr founder Kris Tate, who's still a teenager, single handedly programmed the entire website and works from home or wherever there's wi-fi.

Meebo founder Seth Sternberg shares that the name "Meebo" was decided in a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant as they wanted something memorable, easy to pronounce and, most importantly, had not already been used on the web.

Seth also has some golden advice for tech companies seeking VC funding - build something, get a couple of blogs to write about it, all the VCs and angel investors will find you.

StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp created the site while finishing off post-graduate studies. "Google has search almost solved. But the discovery side had not been cracked. This is a tool for finding interesting pieces of content."