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VoiceBooks: An Excellent Presentation Tool for Photographs, Supports Flickr

VoiceBooks are interactive slideshows of your pictures that may be on your hard-disk or can be fetched directly from your Flickr account.

Unlike other image slideshows, VoiceBooks allow visitors (including you) to add text as well as audio comments on your photos. They can also draw or add annotations using the pen tool - the cursor movement will be recorded in the Voicebook presentation alongwith the audio.

During the presentation, visitors can zoom in/out the images and move them in any direction. All this in an intuitive and simplistic Macromedia Flash interface.

Here are some possible scenarios where Voicebooks can be very useful:

» You have a old photograph with your family members or highschool friends on Flickr - invite them to leave audio comments on that group photograph - the individual conversations would be recorded with the voicebook and will be so much fun.

» You can convert a Powerpoint presentation to a sequence of images, upload that to Voicehead and add narration. Anyone can listen to your presentation online.

» The annotations feature of Voicebooks can come in very handy when you are explaining something and like to highlight some portion of the photo.

» Even if you are not using the audio feature of Voicebooks, they can be a great tool for embedding Flickr slideshows in your MySpace webpages. | Sample VoiceBook [Thanks Bill Arnovich]