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Restore Mouse Cursor Location During Screencast Recording Sessions

screencasting software tools reviewThe most common problem faced by screencasters during screen recording is related to maintaining the exact location of the mouse cursor during multiple recording sessions.

Say you are capturing a video of your activity on the desktop screen but have to pause the recording in-between because there's an important phone call or you want to adjust the position of the Windows.

Whatever be the reason, you always have to make sure that the mouse cursor doesn't move during the pause phase else that jerky mouse and cursor movements will make your screencasts look a bit amateurish.

Rick Stone of RoboWizard has developed a tiny utility called GetMouse to solve this very problem of screencasters. The excellent utility uses the simple concept of copy-paste to save and restore the exact location of your mouse cursor on the screen. Rick describes the workflow as:

You are recording and need to pause. You pause, but do not move the mouse. You then press Ctrl+G to store the existing coordinates. Now you are free to do whatever you need to do with the mouse. Just before resuming the recording process, press Ctrl+P to return the mouse to the exact, picture perfect spot where it was when you paused.

Download GetMouse [via Visual Lounge]

Though this utility was mentioned in the Camtasia Studio forums, it works just fine with any screen recording software like Camstudio, SnagIt, Wink or Adobe Captivate.