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NerdTV : Video Podcast with Geeks Who Changed Our World

You have always admired these geeks and tech pioneers, you use the technologies they have developed, now here's a chance to listen to them on NerdTV.

Nerd TV is a technology video podcast from PBS that's not aired on TV but available only on the internet under a Creative-Commons license.

The show features video interviews with a variety of tech-celebrities including RSS pioneer Dave Winer, Dan Bricklin who wrote the first spreadsheet, Dan Drake who developed AutoCAD and Doug Engelbart who invented the Computer mouse.

NerdTV Homepage | NerdTV Guest List

Unfortunately the NerdTV "Charlie Rose for Geeks" show is discontinued now so there aren't any fresh interviews with the Tech Tycoons of the Web 2.0 era. Nevertheless, the archives are worth watching.

Interesting Tidbit: Tim O'Reilly noticed the free software didn't come with free printed manuals and so a publishing empire was born.

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