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MyBlogLog Users, Get Ready for Nigerian Spam

Nigerian spammers have probably discovered a new way to reach your email inbox - via MyBlogLog messages.

MyBlogLog users are immediately notified when another member leaves a message on their profile page. As long as you are a member of MyBlogLog, you can email (message) anyone else who's also on MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog Spam
Spammers are now using this feature to spam the email accounts of MyBlogLog users. Here's a recent email message I received from Sonia Bassey (loversonia) via MyBlogLog.
There is this huge amount of four million five hundred thousand U.S dollars ($4.5m) which my late Father Mr.Albert Bassey kept for me in security company here in Abidjan before he was asasinated by unknown persons during this war in Cote d'ivoire.

Now I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa for security and political reasons. If you can be of an assistance to me I will be pleased to offer to you 15% of the total fund.

I await your soonest response. please feel free to contact me here
If this message had come directly via email, GMail would have marked it as spam for sure but since it was routed via MyBlogLog, GMail thought that it as legitimate.