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Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 vs Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard - Video Review

We recently replaced our Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard with the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 series which also comes with a rechargeable Wireless Laser Mouse 8000. So how does this new Bluetooth desktop compare with the ergonomically designed 4000 series ?

Microsoft Keyboard Review
Microsoft has made some big changes in the 7000 series - the standard Numpad is gone so the keyboard is less in width and they have moved the multimedia keys from the top edge to the left side which makes them more accessible.

The 7000 keyboard has an integrated touchpad (like in Laptops) so you can navigate the screen easily even without the mouse. And there are even buttons to emulate the right / left click mouse operations.

<a href="//">Video Review of Microsoft Keyboards</a>

The keyboard layout has a comfort curve layout though not as wide as we have seen in the 4000 Ergonomic keyboards. The standard F1/F2 and other function keys are replaced with feather-touch buttons and using the Microsoft Intellitype software, you can can assign any program/file folder to run using these keys.

The Wireless 8000 Laser mouse has a comfortable design but it's slightly on the heavier side. It comes with a rechargeable base and connects via BlueTooth or USB.

The Windows key has been moved to a new location below the space bar though I would still prefer the previous placement which is next to the spacebar. Using the Live Call button, you can run any of your favorite IM programs like Google Talk, Yahoo or Windows Live Messenger in a single click.

This high definition mouse supports scrolling in all four direction and there's a magnifier button to quickly zoom areas where the cursor is.

The keyboard-mouse duo has an attractive design and you'll love it even more if you struggling with desk space. Do check our video review where we compare Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard with the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 7000.