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Is it OK to Credit Printer Friendly Version of Webpages ?

Calvin Klein recently launched a new range of scents for technosexuals called "CK in2u." The tag-line on the billboard reads "She likes how he blogs, her texts turn him on."

This "blogger perfume" story was published on the New York Times ("How to Bottle a Generation") that was later linked by hundreds of blogs including the popular Gizmodo.

The Gizmodo story carries an image of the CK in2u perfume advertisement that was taken from the NYT piece [page 2]. But if we follow the credit link from Gizmodo website, we reach the print-friendly version of the NYT webpage that has no ads or images, just plain text.

Are we giving enough credit to the source by linking to webpages that were actually designed for the printer and not for on-screen reading.

And since print pages are generally stripped of advertising, the visitors aren't generating any potential revenue for the source [NYT in this case].

Is it a good linking practice ? Probably not. Blogs should be linking to the actual newspages and if their visitors are interested in reading the "print-friendly" version, they can do that on their own by clicking the Print icon.

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