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Interesting Uses for Old CD & DVD Discs

old cd usesYou have a large collection of CDs and DVDs with shiny silver surfaces neatly piled up in one corner of your room. They came with your computer magazine subscriptions, from your ISP, from trade shows and a hundred other sources.

What to do with these old CD disks ? These discarded CDs are good to look at but of no real use. You can either throw them in the bin or get inspired from other people who have found some really interesting and very practical uses of old CD and DVD discs.

» Wax Remover - Use the old CDs to scratch and remove the molten Candle wax from your dinner table.

» As Invitation Cards - Print your party invitations on CD's and mail them to the invited guests. If you don't have a CD printer, glue paper on the printed side (non-shiny surface) and write the party details.

» Refrigerator Magnets - Cut a picture into a 2"- 3" circle and glue to center of the CD's shiny side. Attach a magnet strip to the back.

» Games for Children: Print pictures on old CD's and cut them into jigsaw puzzles for kids. [Use the paper cutter or scissors with great caution]

» Memorabilia Gifts - Print a group picture of your friends on a CD and give them as a gift in a party.

» Scare Birds & Squirrels - Try hanging CD's near your plants to scare the birds away. Or put them on lines that squirrels use to access bird feeders. Make sure the CDs spin freely on the line to scare the animals.

» Candle Stand - Place a candle on the shiny side of the CD surface. When you burn it, the CD reflects the light and wax won't spill on the table.

» CD collage - Glue CDs together to make a wall collage.

» Room Name Plates - Drill out a large hole so that the CD will fit over the door handle. Let your child paint, stamp, etc. their own designs to designate their "space".

» CD Mosaic - Break old CDs into small uneven pieces and use them as mosaic tiles.

In India, you can easily spot old CDs hanging on the rear view mirrors of taxis and auto rickshaws.

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