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How to Embed Microsoft Office or PDF Documents in Web Pages

How do you share and embed a Adobe PDF file, Microsoft Word document, Excel Spreadsheet or a Powerpoint Presentation in your blog website ? Let's first look at the workaround tricks:

» To embed Excel xls spreadsheets: Google Docs or Zoho Sheet

» To embed Powerpoint PPT presentations:

» To embed HTML Webpages inside a blog: Use the IFRAME tag.

» To embed Word .doc file: Use Zoho Writer.

If that sounds just too confusing, here's a one-size-fits-all kind of solution called Scribd that makes it extremely easy for you to embed any kind of document (including PDF) in your blog.

Upload your documents to Scribd and the tool will convert them into printable Flash SWF files using Adobe FlashPaper 2 technology. Site visitors can zoom, search for text or print these embedded Flash documents using the onscreen controls.

These Flash Documents can then be embedded inside any webpage like other Flash files using simple HTML. As the converted file is in vector format, it looks the same everywhere.

Scribd Home | FAQ [Embedding documents in webpages was never so simple]

There's another advantage of Scribd - Flash produces files of the smallest possible size. Hence your webpages will load faster.