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GMail Hacked: When Someone Else Gains Access to your Google Account

GMail Lost PasswordDI Reader Vishwalok says that he can no longer access GMail as someone else has taken control of his Google account and changed the GMail password. He writes:
I successfully logged into my GMail account on Friday but today, when I tried logging, it says that the account password doesn't match.

Please advise whom to contact and how to get my g-mail account back.
If you suspect that someone else has changed your GMail password, type in your GMail username (without here [Forgot Password] and click Submit.

Google will send password resetting instructions to the secondary email address you provided during GMail signup.

If you don't have a secondary email address, try the same link again after five days. At that point, you'll be able to reset your password by answering the security question you provided when you created your account.

Though there is little you can do in situations when cannot answer the GMail security question and do not have access to the alternate email address, here's the link to contact GMail support. (choose Login/Account access from the topic list)

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