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Get Blog Alerts on Skype or Google Talk with ZapTXT

ZapTXT, a free service like Google Alerts, can monitor websites, blogs or comment feeds for keyword(s) and notify you via email or IM.

While Google Blog Alerts monitor the entire blogosphere for your keywords, ZapTXT tracks just the blogs / websites that you want.

Founder Sameer Patel recently shared that one can chose to receive ZapTXT alerts on IM clients including Skype and GTalk instead of email. (see screenshot above)

First add "zaptxt" to your list of Skype contacts. Now if you are tracking news about "Antonella Barba" on CNN website using ZapTXT, you will get a text IM on Skype as soon as a new story is published on CNN containing the keyword "Antonella Barba."

With this Skype enhancement, ZapTXT can offer some serious competition to [read review] since the latter tracks only new stories published using RSS feeds while Zaptxt does couple of more things.

ZapTXT [] RSS Search to Go.

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