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Free Hosting for MP3 Podcasts on Blip.TV

Brindha Chandrasekaran runs a music blog at Abstract Thoughts. Every single day, she uploads an MP3 podcast of movie songs on her blog and readers have to identify the movie from that tune.

Brindha is currently using the services of and to upload her mp3 files but the services aren't satisfactory. She writes:
Can u suggest any other free song uploading sites ? And do you have any clue why people cannot play podcasts using IE when it works perfect in Firefox ?
Most podcasts players are written in Macromedia Flash and therefore they should work in any browser that has the Flash plug-in. If IE users are unable to play your podcasts, the chances are that they are using an old version of Flash player which is not supported by your Podcast player.

Speaking of free podcasts hosts, I would recommend the following services (in the same order):

Host your Podcasts on Google Drive

1. - If you publish podcasts under a Creative Commons License, OurMedia may be a good place. The site offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Your podcasts are uploaded to the Internet Archive servers [] and will stay online forever.

2. Blip.TV - Yes, you read it right. Not just videos, you can also upload MP3 audio files on Blip.TV. The service offers tons of advantages like detailed stats, neat interface and RSS feeds. And site visitors can download the MP3 podcasts directly from your blog without ever paying a visit to

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