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Do Not Use The Default Colors for Google Adsense Ads; Bug Spotted

If you are using the default Adsense color scheme to display Google Ads on your website, it's time that you update your Adsense code else your daily revenue from Adsense clicks might drop significantly.

When you create a new Adsense Ad, Google offers you a set of color palettes to choose from. The "Default Color Palette" creates an ad with a white background and a white border which fits just fine on most websites.

The Default Color Palette also produces the smallest Adsense snippet since this color scheme doesn't add the color variables (like google_color_bg, google_color_border, etc) to your code.

Google Adsense engine is smart enough and when the color variables are missing from Adsense code, it will automatically apply the default "Open Air" color scheme while rendering the Adsense ad on your website.

So far so good. But for the past week or so, I have noticed that Google is applying the Seaside color scheme to Adsense Ads that are using the Default Color Palettes instead of Open Air color scheme. That means your ads will have colored borders.

The 120x240 ad unit on the front page of Digital Inspiration was created using the default color palette but Google has rendered it with the Seaside or Mother Earth color scheme. (see screenshot)

Why is this bad ? A thumb-rule of Adsense says that Ads should be borderless so that they blend with the background. The above bug is adding a colored border to the Ad. Since the border color is different from that of the background, the Ad Unit will exhibit poor performance.

What is the remedy ? It's pretty easy to fix this issue at your end. Goto the Adsense setup page and recreate that Adsense unit using the "Open Air" color scheme instead of the "Default color Palette."

Once the right color variables are added to the Adsense code, it would be look just the right way.