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Create Picture Cubes of your Favorite Photographs

Create Photocubes onlineYou can think of Photo Cubes as six pictures stiched together in the form of a square box or a cube.

These Photo Cubes can be used as personalized gifts or as a replacement for old school picture frames on your desk that fit just a single photograph.

To create a Photocube of your digital photographs, all you need is a printer, a pair of scissors and Tabblo - a photo gallery service that now lets you build Photocubes online.

Choose your photos and Tabble Photocube will arrange them in a PDF file. You then print this file on any paper, cut along the dotted lines and crease the solid lines. Now fold paper according to the instructions and your picture cube is ready.

Using a simple drag n' drop interface, you can decide the layout of the photographs on the sides of the cube. You can also add text captions to your photo cubes or apply image effects to individual pictures.

A useful and easy tool if you have access to a printer (laser, inkjet, dot-matrix). The finished photocube will remain open on the underside.

Tabble Photocube - Create picture cubes of digital photographs online.