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A Contest for Powerpoint Presentations

World's best Powerpoint Presentations

When Slideshare was launched as a place for sharing Powerpoint presentations online, some people called it thee Youtube for Powerpoint. That equation is still begin maintained.

Very recently, Youtube announced video awards to honor some of the best user generated videos uploaded on Youtube. Today, Slideshare also announced a PowerPoint contest for rewarding the best Presentation slides in the world that are hosted on Slideshare. [A coincidence for sure but an interesting one]

Slideshare has managed to rope-in some of the best presenters in the world for deciding the winners - that list includes Guy Kawasaki, Bert Decker, Garr Reynolds and Jerry Weisman.

Unlike video where you can use audio or visuals to emphasise, the Slideshare contest is all about slides with text and static images. Will be an interesting one to watch.

Prizes include an Alienware laptop, XBox 360s, and iPods. You can upload upto 5 presentations in PowerPoint (PPT & PPS), OpenOffice (ODP), PDF or Keynote (for Mac users).

More on and their official blog.