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Compare Search Results of Google vs Yahoo! vs Live Search with Schmedley Start Page

When you launch Schmedley for the first time, you'll be reminded of the Mac interface with a docking toolbar at the bottom and various widgets sprinkled on your desktop.

But Schmedley is not a desktop app, it's a "start-page" just like Netvibes, Pageflakes or Google Personalized Homepage done in Javascript.

Schemedley has a neat web search feature that allows you compare the search results from Yahoo, Live Search and Google at one place. [Watch the video screencast above]

As you type a search team, the top ten organic results from the three search majors are shown side by side. You can scroll the search results to see lower ranked pages or even expand the search engine tabs to read the full description returned by the search engine.

The implementation is very neat and usable. As the search results are fetched in one-go, you won't have to wait in order to see Page 2 of search results.

Schmedley service is still in early development stages and some pieces like Image search are not live yet. Will surely be an interesting service to watch in the much crowded "start pages" market. Search - Compare organic search results.

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