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After Cooking Recipes, Yahoo! India Caught Plagiarizing Poetry

Yahoo! Hindi PoemsYahoo! India was recently forced to issue an official apology for publishing cooking recipes that were illegally taken from the blog of an Indian housewife without permission or attribution.

The Malayalam recipe scandal is still fresh but Yahoo! India is now being accused of publishing poems on their Hindi Portal without obtaining permission from the writers.

For instance, this poem on Yahoo! website was written by Ramdarsh Mishra, a Delhi based poet. When contacted over phone by another blogger, Ramdarsh confirmed that neither Yahoo! nor WebDunia (Yahoo's content provider) had taken permission before publishing his work on Yahoo!'s website.

Dhur Virodhi, who is actively tracking the story, has listed several instances where even the author names are missing from the poems published on Yahoo! Hindi website.

According to Yahoo!, the content for their local language portals is provided by WebDunia. Yahoo! republishes the content assuming that WebDunia has obtained permission from the concerned parties.

But that's clearly not happening and both the companies are profiting from other's content.