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Adobe Premeire Pro 2 Failed to Start - Cannot Load plugin write_on.AEX

Brian Kocher writes in the Adobe forums that he is having trouble starting Adobe Premiere Pro 2 on his computer. The program was working normally but now Premiere Pro shows the welcome screen and abruptly end while saying "Loading write_on.AEX".

When Brian renamed the Adobe Affects Plugin write_on.aex to something else, the Premiere Pro software got stuck at another .aex filter in the same directory. A repair installation of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 followed by a computer restart did not help.

He tried move all the Adobe Premiere plugin in the folder en_US to another place but no luck.

In Premiere Pro you can press the Shift Screen while the welcome screen is loading to reset your custom preferences but that didn't help either. Is there a way to get Premiere Pro 2.0 to start normally without having to reinstall Adobe Production studio again ?

Another user says that his trial version of Premiere Pro 2.0 is causing his computer to restart everytime it tries to load the write-on.aex file.

One of the solution suggested to prevent Adobe Premeir Pro from terminating abnormally is to move the Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Pro\2.0 folder to another location and restart Premiere.

If that doesn't help, do you have an old version of Apple Quicktime or Total Recorder ? Here's some help from Adobe Tech Docs to resolve the various issues that occur when you try to start Adobe Premiere Pro.

Remove third-party VST plug-ins from the default VST directory.

Some third-party VST plug-ins may prevent Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 from starting. To determine if you have a conflicting VST plug-in, temporarily relocate any third-party VST plug-ins to a different directory on your hard drive and start Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

Re-create the Adobe Premiere Pro PluginCache file.

Some startup problems are caused by a damaged PluginCache file. To re-create the file, hold down the Shift key while choosing Start > Programs > Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. Release the key when the Welcome screen appears.

To re-create the Preferences file, navigate to Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Pro\2.0 and delete the Adobe Premiere Pro Preferences file. The next time you launch Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 the Preference file will be recreated.

Remove third-party plug-ins from the Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Plug-ins folder.

Remove third-party plug-ins from the Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Plug-ins folder, and then restart Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. If the problem doesn't occur after removing third-party plug-ins, determine which plug-ins are problematic by replacing the plug-ins one at a time, restarting Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 each time.

Disable emulated audio drivers or universal audio capture and playback utilities.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 requires a standard Direct Sound audio driver or a compatible ASIO 2.0 audio driver. If Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 returns the error, "Adobe Premiere Pro has encountered an error and needs to close" when you try to start, there may be an emulated audio driver or universal audio capture and playback utility installed on the system, such as High Criteria's Total Recorder.