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Adobe PDF Files Previewer for Microsoft Outlook 2007

Summary: It is now possible to view the contents of Adobe PDF attachments in the Outlook 2007 message preview window - Adobe Acrobat Reader not required.

The File Attachment Previewers available in Microsoft Outlook 2007 are one of most useful add-ons - they help you preview the contents of email attachments without having to open external viewers.

Say if you receive a Word document as an attachment, you can quickly read the contents of the document within Outlook itself. There's no need to double click that .doc attachment and wait for the bulky Word program to load.

While Microsoft has released free file previewers for JPEG images, text and Office file formats, the Outlook community has long been waiting for a free PDF previewer that allows them to view PDF files in Outlook 2007 just like Word or JPEG Images.

Adobe PDF in Outlook 2007
Well, here's a neat solution from FoxIt and Microsoft developer Tim Heuer. They have released a free Foxit PDF Preview Handler for Outlook 2007 to preview PDF files just like other Office formats.

The viewer currently works on Windows Vista but Tim has promised a Windows XP version soon. It's something Adobe should have developed long back.

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