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Adobe Audition or Adobe SoundBooth CS3 ?

Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) and Adobe SoundBooth CS3 are both professional audio editing software. SoundBooth CS3, a brand new offering from Adobe, is available for $199 while Cool Edit Pro's descendant called Audition costs $399.

So whether you need to record voice-overs or edit music for your podcasts, Youtube video or screencasts, which of these audio tools is right for you ? (assuming you want something extra than what Audacity has to offer)

adobe audition 3.0

Adobe SoundBooth CS3 is primarily aimed at people without audio production background. SoundBooth can automatically detect and clean the background noises including hisses and hums from your sound recordings. The UI is simple with just the essential tools.

And like the auto heal feature in Photoshop, you can visually identify and remove unwanted noises. SoundBooth users can also download thousands of sound effects from the internet without leaving the software interface.

Adobe Audition is an high end editor for professionals who really understand audio. It has all the features of SoundBooth and more. While I am no audio expert, this page has a great overview of the various features of Audition.

Your current OS may limit your choices. Adobe Audition is available only for the Windows XP platform but it's new cousin (SoundBooth CS3) is supported on Mac as well Vista/XP platforms.

Audition is not on the same path as ImageReady or GoLive. Adobe Audition 3.0 is very much in the works though it is no longer part of the Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Resources: Download Adobe SoundBooth CS3 Datasheet, Podcasting with Adobe Audition

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