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XDrive Shows - Create Photo Slideshows with Music

AOL XDrive Shows

AOL has added a new feature in XDrive called XDrive Shows which is much like an online version of Microsoft Photostory - you can create multimedia slidshows of your pictures filled with background music and share them with friends.

[XDrive is an online hard disk from AOL where you can store documents, photos or even music. The service provides 5 GB of free space and there's even a desktop software to upload files from Windows Explorer]

To create a show, simply drag and drop photos from your Xdrive account onto the Timeline, add a transition effect and any MP3 music file to finish your show. When finished, add a label to your show and save.

You can also change the time for which each photo appears on the screen plus the transition style between various pictures. Nothing very sophisticated but fun overall especially if you are an existing user of XDrive.

XDrive Shows | XDrive Shows Demo [via]