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When The Web Domain You Want Isn't Available..

Web domain names are on the verge of extinction, take any combination of English words and chances are that the domain is already reserved.

Then internet companies tried a unique experiment called Domain Hacks - the idea is to spell the domain name instead of appending it with a .com or a .net extension.

Take for instance sites like and - both are actually Domain Hacks [.us is the Top-level domain on US while .gs is for South Georgia Islands]

Finding related domains is easy with - a domain hack search engine that calculates all the possible permutations and combinations of web domains for you.

Say you are looking for a domain like that isn't available, the alternative domains that could match are [.us = United States] or [.io = British Indian Ocean] or [.it = Italy]

And here's a complete list of top-level domains for various countries.