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Use Alexaholic Instead of Alexa Traffic Charts

Despite all the flaws, Alexa (an company) is still the most popular place for measuring the popularity of a website over a period of time.

The lone Alexa rankings of any web-domain may not make much sense, but when the data is compared with 2 or more sites belonging to the same niche, Alexa does convey some really useful information.

If you have never explored before, don't do that even now because a better alternative is - a wrapper site that actually takes website data from Alexa database but makes it look even better.

There are two simple reasons for considering Alexaholic over Alexa:

1. Alexa has too many extra things on their site and can prove confusing to an average user. Alexaholic is just limited to displaying Alexa stats of a website or a group of websites.

2. While Alexa provides a javascript to embed Alexa graphs in a blog or website, the charts offered by Alexaholic are more customizable and can be tailored to fit your blog layout. | Alexaholic Chart Generator

Update: If you wondering what websites or blogs are most popular in some country (based on internet traffic), Alexa can help you here.