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Turn Google Talk Into an Internet Radio Station Without Any Software; Play Live Music from your PC

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to play live music for your valentine and friends from your computer to theirs using Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other IM software. You can:

1. Play that song collection on your local computer using any media player like iTunes or Windows Media player and stream that music live to your IM buddies.

2. Send MP3 songs as voicemail to any of your contacts in GTalk that they can download as MP3 or directly play via the Google MP3 Player in GMail.

3. Dedicate a music video on Youtube to your valentine and it will stream live to her computer as audio via Google Talk.

The trick is to change your sound settings and set the recording device from Microphone to Stereo mix (or Wave Out Mix) as illustrated below:

1. Click that volume icon on your Windows system tray. Goto Options -> Properties and choose the appropriate mixing device from the drop down (it's Sigma Tel C-Major Audio in my case)

2. Now select "Adjust volume for Recording" and click the OK button. On the next screen tick the check box next to Stereo Mix (deselect the Microphone check box if it's selected).

That's it. Now start iTunes or open your favorite video on Youtube or any video sharing site.

Click on the GTalk contact who you want to dedicate that song to and click Call. Simultaneously hit the play button in your media player.

To send the song as a voicemail, click "Send Voicemail" in the Gtalk message box. via