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RSS Feed Ads from BlogAds - An Interesting Advertising Model

Techmeme probably introduced the concept of RSS Feeds that are also advertisements but BlogAds have taken that a step further.

[You can check out a live example of the BlogAds Feed Ad on the right sidebar of this blog that shows the list of recent nominations for the Indibloggies.]

The Feed ads from BlogAds are available in regular formats like the 150x200 or 150x600 sizes that can fit easily your site layout. What makes them different from the regular ads is the fact that the text or the description displayed on the ad is actually an RSS feed.

Whenever the RSS feed is changed or updated, so is the text displayed on the advertisement. This new model will surely appeal to advertisers who already have official blogs like Zoho, Dell, O'Reilly or Techsmith.

For advertisers - How to create an RSS ad for BlogAds

Setting up a RSS ad in BlogAds is actually simpler than setting a regular ad - all you need is an RSS feed of your content and add that to the area where you normally type the blog ad description or the sales pitch.


The url part of this text is where the feed will be fetched from. The @RSS: needs to be followed by the url for the actual feed with no spaces after the :. Also the RSS needs to be in CAPITALS and not small case, ("@rss:" will not work).

The rules for RSS feed ads at present are that the feed currently takes the
first 10 titles from the feed. The title acts as a URL which is clickable. [Thank you Hano Grimm]

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