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How Do You Copy-Paste Text Notes Between Computers

The easiest option to transfer text data from one computer to another is via the USB thumb drives - create a text file using notepad, save it on the USB drive and carry it to your next computer.

Now if you were to do this copy-paste via the Internet instead of USB - you can either save the text message as a draft email message or just send the text as an email addressed to yourself.

But when the text is meant for sharing with others, what do you do ? Again there are a zillion services like yousendit, Google Docs, Zoho, rapidshare where you can upload the text file and others can download or read from that URL.

No rocket science involved here but there are few nice services that are designed just for sharing short snippets of text among users via the Internet. Type the text on their website, click the save button and your text is instantly available for anyone to read or copy-paste. - an web based clipboard that we have discussed before as well. The service has improved both in terms of features and interface.

It accepts text upto 30,000 characters - just paste the text in a form and create your own unique URL that will stay forever. You can also link to pictures or videos on the internet. The text can be protected with a password. - This internet clipboard [via] is much like the ShortText service with some key differences. You can create custom URLs for free and decide how long the text should be visible on the internet. The text can be optimized for printing as well.

Give these services a shot and you're likely to find them cool even when they do just simple things. Unfortunately, none of them support HTML yet.

What is your preferred method of sharing small text snippets ?

Update: Tejas Patel shares his favorite methods for copying text across computers including Google Notebook:

» Use Microsoft OneNote(which are sync. on both computers) to share the text. This saves the formating too compared to the services that Amit mentions on his blog.

» Use Word and Notepad to save text and put it in the shared folder and access it on the second computer.

» The clipping and remote control feature of MaxiVista [MaxiVista is a multi-monitor software that allows you to use connect a spare monitor to your computer without requiring additional hardware]