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The Hottest Clicks in the World, MyBlogLog Reveals it All

MyBlogLog Directory is a relatively unknown feature of that helps you track the hottest chicks clicks in different countries of the world and even individual states/regions.

While other internet buzz sites compile "What's hot" data based on the number of incoming links or traffic, MyBlogLog uses a different approach - they track the hot topics based on outgoing links that are popular on websites that use the MyBlogLog scripts in their HTML code.

Other than the buzz, the MyBlogLog directory shows a tag cloud of countries and states - that gives a fairly good idea about locations where the MyBlogLog service is more popular - the bigger the font size, the more the number of blog websites in that country that are using MyBlogLog.

The credit section on the directories homepage also carries a a thank you note for Google Maps. If MyBlogLog is planning to expose a Frappr maps like service, it would be so cool - imagine adding yourself to communities in your physical neighborhood or growing contacts on MyBlogLog who are again located near you.

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And it's pretty surprising to see that MyBlogLog provide RSS feeds per country. Wish they expose RSS feeds even for topics that are hot in a member's community. [Worldwide 10 Hottest Clicks]