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Google Local Business Ads in India [see screenshot]

Google local business ads allow advertisers to promote their products to customers only in their area. For instance, a pizza or a flower store may chose to advertise on only when the user doing the search is located in their vicinity.

Google Local Ads have been available in US, UK and other European countries but they are now also testing local business ads in India as this screenshot confirms.

The fifth line [Madhya Pradesh] is the name of an Indian state from where the search orignated.

According to Google Support, local business ads are currently available for business locations in U.S, U.K, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Update: The old post has been updated following Ionut's comment below.

Google Testing Ads Longer Than 4 Lines on Search Pages

Google Ads on search results pages are always displayed on four lines - a headline (upto 25 characters), followed by two lines of ad text (each up to 35 characters) and then a URL line that also must fit within the 35-character limit.

But if you look at the screenshot above (for queries like india, broadband, etc), you'll notice that Google is displaying 5 line Adsense Ads on their search pages.