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Google Deletes Post from a Blogspot Blog

This is probably the first time when the Blogger team has censored selected posts from a blog hosted on Blogger rather than banning or deleting the entire blog.

Here's a copy of the letter [Blogger TOS Violation- content removed] from the Blogger team received by the CYFSWATCH blog
We'd like to inform you that we've received a complaint regarding your blog

Upon review, we've noted that your blog is not in compliance with Blogger Terms of Service ( As a result, we've been forced to remove the infringing posts from your blog.
The anonymous anti-CYF blog invites people to post complaints about social workers in what it says is an effort to name and shame them.

What's even more interesting is this second email from Google to the blogger stating reasons why the post was removed from the blog:
When we receive complaints that a post appears to violate the privacy of others by, for example, publishing non-public personal information like residential addresses, we remove the post.

Likewise, we may remove posts that appear to threaten actual harm to specific individuals.
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