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The Food We Eat - Wonderful Diet Tips from BBC

Can water help you lose weight ? Which type of food is most filling ? How do you avoid over-eating ? Does drinking two litres of water a day improve your skin ?

A BBC series on "The Truth about Food" has answers to all the above questions and more in interactive Flash movie clips. Nicely done, very informative and you can decide what clips to watch.

For example, here's a handy tip to eat less or prevent overeating - keep some reminder on the table of how much you have been munching, that evidence will deter you from eating more.

Unfortunately, the web movie plays only if you are connecting from a UK based IP address so Venkatarangan has a simple workaround - use a proxy server and watch it from anywhere in the world.

If you are slightest concerned about diet, health and fitness - this is definitely a must watch series.

The Truth about Food [from the BBC UK website]