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Download Vista SideBar with Gadgets for Windows XP

The Windows Sidebar and Gadgets feature introduced with Windows Vista is much like the widgets of Mac OS 10 or the deskbar included with Google Desktop Search or even Konfabulator which is part of Yahoo! now.

You can have gadgets for calendar, sticky notes, clock, weather, music player or a running slideshow of your favorite photos and lot more.

Windows Vista Sidebar for XP
Want to run Vista Sidebar on XP ?

Though the sleek Windows Vista Sidebar is an integrated feature of Vista and not available as a separate product, has released a similar sidebar for Windows XP that looks and works just like the Vista Sidebar. And it's free of course.

Thoosje's Vista Sidebar is also part of the Vista Transformation Pack that is quite a popular package for making your XP machine look like Windows Vista.

Thoosje Vista sidebar Homepage | Download Sidebar

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