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Do You Check E-Mail Every Other Minute ?

Can you not survive few minutes without checking for new email messages in your inbox ? If yes, you are probably addicted to e-mail.

Don't worry, there's a cure for your email obsession and that involves shutting down that email notifier and establishing regular times to review your new email.

Marsha Egan has written some simple ides on CNN to cure your e-mail addiction. Here are some favorite picks:

» Deal immediately with any e-mail that can be handled in two minutes or less but create a file for mails that will take longer.

» Turn off automatic send/receive. Let go of your need to check e-mail every ten minutes.

» Commit to keeping your inbox empty.

» Set a target date to empty your in box. Don't spend more than an hour at a time doing it. [The 12 steps to cure e-mail addiction] Picture from Flickr

Update: Aparna Ray writes an interesting Newsmerick - "You've got mail? We've got a cure!"
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