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The Bloglines Wall of Blog Images Disappoints

The Blogines team today announced The Image Wall which is like a constantly updated poster of pictures that are found on blog pages.

As Bloglines bots index the RSS feeds, the images they encounter are added to the queue for displaying on the Image Wall.

Bloglines Image Wall
Excellent concept but needs lot of work.

Other than staring the changing photographs, there's little you can do with them. And since the photographs are sourced from the entire blogosphere without filtering, the Bloglines Image Wall is definitely not for family viewing.

Here are some suggestions for the Bloglines team to help improve this wonderful project:

1. Allow Bloglines users to define feeds (like via OPML) from where the Image Wall should pick up the images.

2. Each photograph displayed on the Bloglines Image Wall should have a link to the actual blog address and the corresponding RSS feed.

3. There could be a search option to help users create image walls from blog posts that match the search query (like an image wall of "Microsoft Zune Phone")

4. The image wall itself could be offered as an RSS feed and better still, allow snapshots based on datetime just like TechMeme.