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Daniella Cicarelli Clip Moves from Youtube to Google Video

Daniella Cicarelli Videos on Google VideoVideo sharing websites and copyright infringement is like a never-ending Cat and Mouse game - The more you try to police internet videos, the more clones resurface on other video sharing websites.

The same has happened with the (in)famous Daniella Cicarelli video clip that was removed from Youtube last week. Youtube is still blocked in most parts of Brazil following court order but the beach video is now easily available on Google Video.

YouTube last week said it had removed the video, but the lawyers insisted the clip keeps popping up when people file it using different names.

The entire YouTube site was blocked by Brasil Telecom as they were finding it technically impossible to filter out the single video.

Now Cicarelli's lawyers may have to turn their attention towards Google Videos as we found atleast five different clips on Google all featuring the same video. The funny part is that these videos can be located using simple search keywords like Cicarelli or Daniela Cicarelli.

With hundreds of video sharing and file hosting websites, it may become virtually impossible to control the spread of these video clips. Had the Brazilian couple not moved the court, the video would have never become so popular.