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Windows Vista Dream Scene Sets Video As Desktop Wallpaper

Imagine downloading a music video clip from Youtube and using that as your desktop wallpaper ? Well, it's now possible with Windows DreamScene - you can create an animated desktop wallpaper for your Vista PC from any video file on your computer that's in either mpeg or wmv format.

The DreamScene feature, specific to Windows Vista Ultimate edition, works just like setting still digital photographs as Desktop backgrounds but here you choose video files that play at 30fps (like Adobe Flash animations). Even HD content is supported by DreamScene.

And if your computer lacks a graphic card to support the Windows Aero effect, DreamScene or Motion Desktop can still be used to position image wallpapers on the desktop.

Robbie Bach announced several hidden Windows Vista features during the Bill Gates Keynote address at CES 2007 in Las Vegas.

Known as Windows Vista Ultimate extras, these add-on would available as separate download once Vista is released for public on Jan 30, 2007.

Oh yes, there's a Poker game as well. Microsoft is looking to find ways that make the higher editions of Vista more tempting than the basic ones. It is easy to expect that Microsoft will release more Vista Ultimate extras (or goodies) in future.