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Using the Computer While Lying in Bed

Want to use your desktop computer or laptop without leaving the bed ? Here are two solutions:

Ergopod computer station is probably an ideal solution for lazy geeks or even people who are bedridden for some reason and want to work on the computer for long hours. [via Neatorama]

The monitor platform can be rotated upto 55° and even supports multiple LCD Screens. Just ensure that the screws are tight enough else the heavy monitor might slip on the patient / user.

Another alternative is the portable Laptop bed table [aka Laptop Laidback] that are much cheaper and you can fit almost any notebook. It will even save your thighs from the heat originating from the laptop.

Laptop Laidback

The Laptop Laidback stand can be used even while you are using the laptop on a sofa or a reclining chair.

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