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Use Google Talk with Twitter - Spying Is Fun!

What are you doing ? Ask Twitter.

Twitter is a free service for telling your friends (or the whole world) what you're doing right now (and vice-versa). This product is from the same group that developed Blogger and Odeo.

And this service enjoys a huge fan following - Evan Williams, Anil Dash, Robert Scoble, Matthew Mullenweg, Leo Laporte, Niall Kennedy.. you name a person and chances are that he's already a Twitter addict.

Earlier, I was under the impression that to use twitter, one needs to send an SMS text message from a mobile phone number to get it published on the twitter website.

I was so wrong - you can use twitter directly with Gtalk without paying those international SMS sending charges.

Here's how - just add as your contact in GTalk (Google Talk) and verify your account (settings -> Phone & IM)

Now whenever you IM this new friend called Twitter, the message will automatically publish on your twitter account. And this twitter friend is always online to accept your pings. How cool is that.

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