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Should You Drop from School & Make Blogging Your Career ?

Nobody reads my blog
There's was an interesting email in our inbox from a high-school student (based in India) who wants to quit studies and become a professional blogger [i.e. make a living out of blogging]

He is looking for some advise on online monetization, how to build traffic, SEO techniques, etc. We thought of bringing this topic here to involve you in the discussion and get your point-of-view on the subject.

Frankly speaking, it may not be a very wise decision to leave studies. There are a couple of reason why I say this:

Reason 1: Most people like to read a short bio of the blogger before hitting the subscribe button. [That's the reason why most blogs have their About Page as the most popular outgoing link]

To write something substantial in your blogger profile, you have to have decent education and probably some work experience as well. [there may be exceptions if you really excel in your niche]

Reason 2: Blogging is so risky - you are dependent on so many external factors like organic search engine rankings, availability of advertisers in your niche, readers who are interested in your content, etc, etc.

These factors are never in your control and you have to have a fall back plan incase things don't materialize well. That's where education will help.

And yes, you can always have a blog while you are in school and keep posting. Even a couple of posts per week are sufficient to make a blog look fresh and lively.