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Share Only the Interesting Portions of Youtube Videos

WallStrip inside Scene MakerYou just finished watching an hilarious video clip on Youtube that even your friends would love to see. The video is around ten minutes long but the first four minutes are pretty boring. Infact, the real funny portion lies only between 04:15 and 06:12 (mm:ss) - rest everything may be skipped.

Now the question - how do you share just those "interesting parts" of the video clip without your friend having to wait for the entire clip to load ? After all, most of us don't have the time (or patience) to sit through the entire video waiting for the good parts to come.

Well, Gotuit SceneMaker is just the kind of service we are looking for - no downloads and gets the job done in few clicks. Just type in the Youtube video URL, select the scene that you want to share using Visual Markers or by typing the timeframe manually and save. Think of Gotuit as an intelligent fast-forward button that shows only the desired portion of the Youtube video.

Here's a real example - we wanted to share only that portion of the 3-minute WallStrip clip where Lindsay Campbell talks about the various companies owned by Warren Buffet.

We loaded the Youtube video from Wallstrip inside GoTuit Scenemaker, selected the portion to be shared manually and clipped it. The entire process took not more than a minute and here's the result [original Youtube video shown as well]


Gotuit Media Scenemaker - People will love you for saving their 'precious time'

Update: If the video is available on Google Videos, just use the URL markers that let you link to specific points inside a video.

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