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Say Goodbye to Windows Start Menu, Launchy 1.0 Is Out Now

Launchy for launching Microsoft Office Word 2007
Launchy, the Start Menu for Geeks, has just left the beta school and is looking much better and cooler.

Launchy, a free Windows utility, is more like your Windows Start Menu on steroids - Press the Alt+Space button and start typing the first few character of the program that you want to run - Launchy will guess which program or file you are looking for and will launch it when you hit the enter key.

You can also use Launch to access the icons lying on the desktop, documents, pictures or any file folder on the computer. The concept is similar to Mac Quicksilver or the Google Desktop Search Quick Find bar.

Browse your files/folders: Type in c: and then hit tab, now type in a couple letters of the next directory, and hit tab. (just like command like completion in MS-DOS)

Search the Web: Type google followed by tab and the search terms - Launchy will open the Google results page for you. Also works with MSN, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc.

If you are more comfortable using the keyboard than the mouse, this is a must-have utility for you.

Launchy Homepage | Download Launchy [thanks neowin]

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