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Same Google Ads Appearing in All 3 Adsense Units

Rohan Pinto is using Google Adsense to monetize his latest venture -, a video sharing website. His concern is that duplicate Google Ads are appearing multiple times on the same webpages. Rohan writes:
I have 3 Adsense blocks on 1 page. Sometimes the same ad is displayed in all 3 blocks and sometimes in 2.

Is there a way for me to setup Adsense such that Adsense throws 3 different ads on the same page in each of the blocks?
Ideally, this situation should not happen because Google advertising policy doesn't permit ads from the same company to appear multiple times on the same webpage. The policy says:
We believe that pages with multiple ads from the same company provide less relevant results and a lower quality experience for our users. Over time, multiple ads from the same source also reduce advertiser performance and lower their return on investment.
But that's the ideal situation and we, as Adsense publishers, frequently come across cases where the same Google Ad displays at more than one place on the same webpage.

The best option in this case will be to write an email to Adsense Support team explaining the situation and also send the URL of the advertiser and the affected webpage [sharing a screenshot would help]

The next option is to use different ad formats - for instance, instead of using two 300x250 rectangles, use one 300x250 and make the second one as 336x280.

And if nothing works - set one ad unit as text only and the second one as image or text_image. This is very likely to solve your problem of duplicate Google ads.

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Update: You can also use the Adsense Preview Tool to check what kind of ads are served to users located in other countries.