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RumShot: Not Just Another Screen Capture Software

Before we introduce this useful virtual camera called RumShot for your Windows desktop, take a look at the screenshot of our website above. It was created in a second without even having to press any key.

And if those 3 LCD screens don't impress you, here's another one that looks like a row of photographs with all the curls and shadows. Again, it took less than a second to create this image.

RumShot is a free screen capture software (just 200kb) that does two things in one go - it captures a part of your desktop and then adds beautiful borders around the screenshot just like a photoframe. You can experiment placing screenshots inside an iPod, PSP or even a Sony Mobile phone (they come as RumShot themes).

Rumshot won't act as replacement of your existing screen capture tool since it captures just a fixed dimension screenshot and auto enhances it with borders which is very much like adding layers inside Photoshop.

RumShot Homepage | Download RumShot Themes

RumShot FAQ - for creating your own Rumshot themes.

Thank you Stefanos Karagos for sharing this great software. You rock.