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YouTube Clip of Ronaldo ex-wife Daniela Cicarelli Brings Trouble for Google in Brazil

Daniella Cicarelli with Tato Malzoni Video on Youtube
[Screenshot of Brazil model Daniela Cicarelli Video Clip hosted on Youtube]

Brazil continues to bring new troubles for Google - last year some Orkut communities caused problems for Google in Brazil and now it's Youtube that's making life difficult.

A Brazilian court has asked YouTube to shut down until it removes the celebrity tape video featuring Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend Tato Malzoni.

Daniella Cicarelli is the ex-wife of Brazilian soccer striker Ronaldo and a famous model.

The couple are asking $116,000 in damages for each day the video remains up. The irony is that video clip is still available on Youtube though it has been flagged by the community and might go offline very soon.

This just seems to be a tip of the iceberg. Look at any on the top videos on Youtube and they are either ripped from DVDs or taken from TV channels. Google lawyers may have prepared themselves for more action this year.