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Microsoft Office 2007 Podcasts from Office Online

With Microsoft Office 2007 official launch just a fortnight away, the Office team are trying their hands at podcasting now.

They have beta-launced Office 2007 podcasts that feature audio-only interviews with various Microsoft Office product managers who discuss the upcoming product features, new file formats, UI changes, availability, etc.

While the interviews are worth listening, one does expect a better audio quality especially when the podcasts are produced by Microsoft.

And there are no RSS feeds for you to subscribe. You'll have to download the individual audio files from Microsoft website, unzip them and then choose either the WMA or MP3 format - the two formats are in the same zipped file and that's the reason why a 20 minute interview is over 20 MB in size.

Overall, it's still a good initiative but hope they add an RSS option soon.

Office Online Podcasts [Source: MSDN Office Blog]

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