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How to Find Office 2003 Commands in the Office 2007 Ribbon UI

Wondering where your favorite Office 2003 menu and toolbar commands are located in the new Office 2007 Ribbon interface? Here's some help to get you started.

The Office Online team has created interactive Flash screencasts that show you the location of your favorite Office 2003 commands in the new interface of Microsoft Office 2007.

Once you download the Flash guide from MSFT website, run the executable. Now rest your mouse pointer over any Word 2003 menu or button to learn it's new location in Word 2007. You can even click the mouse to see the corresponding location in Word 2007 GUI.

These guides are also available for Powerpoint 2007 and Excel 2007. Watch the side-by-side comparison video clip above for a sample demo.

Download Office 2007 Guides - Excel 2007 | PowerPoint 2007 | Word 2007

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