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Free 7-day Pass for Lynda Video Tutorial Library

Lynda Video LogoYou name any Windows or Mac software under the sun and chances are that you will find video tutorials on explaining how to use the various features of that software and the related tips & tricks.

The movies are available as Screencasts in Apple Quicktime mov format which you can either watch online via streaming or save them to your hard-disk with software like WM Recorder.

Now here's the interesting part that should keep you busy for the entire week. Lynda, in association with Indesign Secrets, is offering a free 7-day pass that gives you access to the entire Library of Lynda Training Videos which are otherwise available for $25 per month.

This "no strings attached" offer is valid for a 7 consecutive day period. Give it a shot - Lynda Online Library has hands-on video tutorial movies and exercises on almost every software including the complex 3DS Max, Poser 7, eBay auctions, Blogger or even the upcoming Photoshop CS3.

Lynda Free Pass | Indesign Secrets [Thanks Jennifer Apple]