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Download Steve Jobs Keynote Address at MacWorld 2007

Steve Jobs Keynote Macworld 2007Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone during his keynote speech at the recently concluded Macworld Conference.

Though the keynote video was made available on the Apple Website, it's only in the streaming mov format so you can't download it for viewing offline.

So here's a good news - you can now download the full video of Steve Jobs in one file and carry it in your iPod - MacworldSFKeynote2007.m4v [Widescreen 680x360].

Just a small warning, this video file is around 1.2 GB in size you might want to use some download manager for this. [wish the Apple folks split this video in atleast 4 parts]

Finally, some more iPhone videos - the first one is a real close-up demo of the iPhone while the second one is a parody of the Microsoft ZunePhone.


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